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With the global economy painfully making it’s way out of the recession of 2008 / 2009, many countries are experiencing differing trends in their job markets, making it difficult for some to find  jobs, or employment opportunities.

Consider some of the ratios of current job vacancies to the number of people actively seeking  employment.

New York, NY …………………… 1:1

Austin, TX ………………………… 1:2

Salt Lake City, UT …………….. 1:3

Phoenix, AZ ……………………… 1:4

San Diego, CA ………………….. 1:4

New Orleans, LA ……………….. 1:5

Los Angeles, CA ……………….. 1:7

Miami, FL ………………………….. 1:8

Right now…if you live in New Orleans, Louisiana and are actively seeking employment, based on  the above ratio of 1:5, YOU stand a 20 PERCENT chance of landing a job.

In today’s economy, job seeking has become an art form. No longer can people simply assume they will find a job or employment opportunity through a local newspaper classified ad. In fact, if that’s the way you are looking for work, then right off the bat, you’ve thrown yourself into the largest pool of people who are looking at the exact same job ad as you. This can radically reduce your percentage of a chance of landing a job to .2 percent, down from 20 percent.

Today, looking for work means going to find job leads where fewer people are looking.

Consider Breaking Jobs News. We work hard to provide you with the freshest leads possible. We cater primarily to the United States of America job market with a secondary focus on Canada. On a busy day we have 150 to 160 people check out our job leads…NOT 8000 TO 10,000 as some newspaper help wanted ads experience.

Immediately, by using this site, you radically reduce the competition who is, figuratively speaking, standing right next to you in the job line.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend a little of your job search time right here!

what where
job title, keywords or company
city, state or zip jobs by jobsearch Breaking Jobs News

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